Sunday, March 29, 2015

Secret Service Agents

Another fun activity that is a repeat for me!  The girls really got into this one :)  This would even be fun for a FHE with your kiddos!

First off, we talked about service and why it's important.  We talked about different people in our lives and how we can serve them.  After that, I challenged them to find ways to provide service to everyone around them, and then we went into the Secret Service training.  They received the following packet with the contents...
 Find the printables here.
So the idea of this is the girls use the suggested service squares or come up with their own, perform the service, and leave their calling card (we did talk about that service doesn't always have to be recognized and doesn't need affirmation).  They were coming up with fun things.

We chose secret service agent names.  I just came up with some adjectives, nouns, and numbers and had them draw out of a bowl.  They enjoyed finding their names.
 Then we did some decoding.  I just used a couple scriptures about service...i.e.  when ye are in the service ye are only in the service of your God, etc.  
 The Pigpen Decoder was a little bit more challenging for the 8-year olds, but most of them got it.  So the shape on the code corresponds with the shapes on the tic-tac-toe board or the X.  If there is a dot with the shape, that means it is the second letter.  So for example, A is a backwards "L" shape, and X is a greater than sign with a dot in it.  If this doesn't make sense...I'm sorry!!!
 Reverse alphabet is easy enough to understand.  Just give the girls the decoder, and they did well.
 We wrote secret messages (I recommend doing this first so it has time to dry).  I took equal parts of baking soda and water, mixed it up and we wrote messages with Q-tips.  After completely dry, you can hold the paper up to a hot lamp (or I did mine over my range to go faster...I didn't let the girls do it, just let them watch as the message appeared.  Didn't want any fires started!)
The other game we played was basically hot potato.  I had a small black ball I said was a bomb that we had to get rid of.  I used my Catch Phrase game to use the timer.  When time ran out, the person holding the bomb was out.  We kept going until we had a winner.

The girls were to go home and perform their services and return with stories on how they did :)

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