Thursday, April 9, 2015

Manners and Etiquette

First off, I must say this was the second time I did this activity, and each set of girls really had fun with it.  We started off by talking manners.  We went over many places we need manners, and the basics of phone etiquette, dinner table rules, answering the door, speaking to adults, etc.  This cute printable was a good starting point to go over with them.  

Then, I gave them a place setting to cut out and show me how they thought it was supposed to be set.  After I revealed the answer, we glued them on a paper and labeled them to put in their binder for future reference.  

The cute printables can be found Here.

Then, to put things into practice, I brought out some bowls of finger foods (we have our activity on the kid's early day from school right before dinner, so I didn't want to stuff them!).  I had carrot sticks, olives, strawberries, grapes, cheese cubes, and some goldfish crackers.  The girls had to show me they learned their manners!  I had them set a place setting for themselves, make sure they were saying please and thank you, passing the food the correct way (clockwise), watching elbows, etc.  

After we were done, we had a few minutes left, and I shared some fun etiquette facts with them from some other countries. Such as this... (Here is the link)

Dining Etiquette Around the World

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